Supreme Court debates politics, and Kennedy's silence speaks volumes

07 October, 2017, 00:49 | Author: Chad Mckenzie
  • Jonathan Ernst  Reuters
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch the conservative picked for the post by President Donald Trump

Del. Michael Malone's decision to add his name to a brief in the gerrymandering case heard by the U.S.

Justice Kennedy questioned the NLRB's counsel whether the arbitration agreements at issue truly prohibit employees' right to engage in concerted activity, noting that employees could still work together to obtain the same counsel, share information, and strategize about their cases; they were merely prohibited from joining their cases and litigating collectively.

Some believe Pennsylvania needs to address the way congressional districts are drawn in the state before the 2018 Election, while others want to take a wait and see approach to follow the Supreme Court's lead.

Challengers offered three ways, based on scientific criteria, to judge whether the placement of Republicans and Democrats by districts goes too far.

The practice has recently become hotly disputed.

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It is neither judicially right or democratically wise for Republican justices to continue to vote along party lines in ways that advantage partisan Republicans by failing to protect the integrity of the right of Americans to vote, the integrity of financing the elections they vote in and the integrity of the districts in which they vote. (A challenge to Maryland's redistricting by Democrats is percolating in the judicial system.) And it is partly because some members of the political science professoriate, which is as ideologically monochromic as academia generally, are inventing metrics that supposedly provide objective standards for identifying partisanship that is unconstitutionally excessive.

In short, the court agrees that partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional The problem is in finding a solution that the Justices can agree on - and this was the point where the consensus among court observers also ended.

Gerrymandering is hardly new: the name dates back to an unwieldy district created in 1812 by Elbridge Gerry, then governor of MA. In 2014, Republicans won 52 percent of the votes but 63 seats.

"If Party A wins a majority of votes, Party A controls the Legislature". Wording in the law leaves wiggle room to create districts that are dramatically non-compact or squiggle in different directions yet still span wide geographic areas designed to reduce one population's voting strength. "It has to do with the geography of politics", where Democrats are overly concentrated in cities and some suburbs. At the same time, Kennedy has been a reliable vote in favor of the rights of political dissenters, such as flag-burners.

The 12 plaintiffs against the Republican plan have three problems, each fatal. This is an effort we support, and we urge you to get involved in the fair redistricting movement.

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"Get this case right and not rushed", Torchinsky told Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pelligrini. This does not sadden him. Wisconsin Democrats have asserted the GOP was entitled to no more than a 7 percent advantage in seats won, not the approximate 12 percent advantage it achieved. The case questions Wisconsin's 2010 redrawing of electoral maps.

Chennai: The Madras high court has directed authorities to identify next of kin of prisoners who have died between 2012 and 2015 as per report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Supreme Court Wednesday where justices pondered a ruling that could eventually wreak havoc on Congress and state legislatures across the country. Aren't those all textual indications in the Constitution itself that maybe we ought to be cautious about stepping in here? Justice Felix Frankfurter perhaps anticipated this. At the same time, the Justices recognized that it was hard to craft a solution to the problem; Chief Justice John Roberts was especially wary of asking the courts to use "sociological gobbledygook" to weigh the propriety of district lines. Nevertheless, Frankfurter dissented, having warned in 1946 against even entering "this political thicket".

Now he's anxious about the public standing of the court?

While dealing with custodial violence, the apex court has observed that there was no documentation on the number of unnatural deaths (if any) of children in child care institutions and this should now be on the agenda of the Central Government and the state governments (particularly the department concerned with the welfare of children) with far greater concern than has been shown so far.

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