Year-old child dies from the flu, officials say

17 February, 2018, 01:03 | Author: Clint Gray
  • Lubbock Impact offering free flu shots on Friday

"You're 36 percent less likely to get the flu and see the doctor if you get a flu shot", Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Thursday.

"Louisiana is continuing to see widespread flu activity in this, particularly severe flu season". It also did a better job of protecting younger people. "It can help you and those around you stay healthy and if you do get sick, it just might save your life".

The Livingston County Health Department is working to increase access to flu vaccinations in light of calls from Governor Andrew Cuomo for local health departments to step up efforts to combat the rapid spread of the disease over the past few weeks.

Flu shots are available at the Citizens Center by appointment by calling Connolly at 978-374-2390, ext. 15.

The flu season has been harsh towards baby boomers.

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The CDC said the flu vaccine is usually more effective against type B viruses and H1N1 than it is against H3N2.

This year's predominant strain is an H3N2 Influenza A virus, which tends to be more severe than others. Most U.S. flu vaccines are grown in chicken eggs, a process that takes six to eight months. Health officials believe the girl died of complications from the flu.

So it's possible, unlucky patients who have already been hit by the flu may catch another wave.

People who live, work, or interact with higher-risk populations are recommended to get the flu vaccine to protect those who are more at risk. Flu-related illnesses include pneumonia, asthma and dehydration. The flu is different from a cold.

Some of the severity of this year's flu comes from the strain itself.

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And that has many people asking, "Why is it so deadly?" "People should continue getting vaccinated and taking other preventive measures to prevent getting sick".

Moreover, American vaccines were found to give stronger protection than those available in Canada and Australia, where flu shots are only 17 percent and 10 percent effective, respectively.

"We're urging everybody who hasn't been vaccinated, to rush out and get vaccinated", he said.

The Public Health Department says 250 to 1,100 MA residents die annually from flu-related complications. The strain also mutated while the vaccine itself was being developed, rendering the vaccines less effective than a typical flu vaccine. All pharmacies except two had flu vaccine.

Limit contact with individuals who are under the weather to avoid catching any viruses. Those with flu-like symptoms should remain at home until 24 hours have passed without a fever.

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